ColoradoGameDev.org was created to be the central resource for information about the game development community here in Colorado. With so many thriving game dev groups, schools, and businesses, it can be hard to keep track of every event and understand the sheer scale of the local industry. Our community leaders have pooled their knowledge here in an effort to unite this sprawling community and help it flourish. We hope that you find this website useful and that you will contribute your own knowledge to aid its growth.

ColoradoGameDev.org is a collaborative effort and is not owned or maintained by any single group or individual. Although we strive to ensure events and all other content listed are accurate, relevant, and inclusive, this information is provided by the community and third-party groups and organizations. As such, ColoradoGameDev.org cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of data, content of meetings, etc. If you find any information that is inaccurate or inappropriate, please flag it as such and our webmasters will investigate and consider its revisal or removal.


We’d like to recognize the following individuals, without whom the Colorado game development industry would not be where it is today:

Mark Baldwin, Ash Blue, Rachael Blue, Pegi Bryant, Kit Burgess, Mike Croswell, Robby Dran, Eric Dybsand, Kate Edwards, Scott Emberty, Rafael Fajardo, Karl Fasick, Randall Fowle, Megan Fox, Tristin Hightower, Julian Lynge, Scott Martin, Tim Mensch, Renee Nejo, Bob Rakoski, Brian Robbins, Gary Rosenweig, Jon Ternlund, Mark Wilhelm, Christopher Williamson, Steve Woodcock, Zhenghua Yang