Q. I know of a business, group, or school in Colorado that is not listed. How can I add it to your listing?
A. Thanks! Use the +Suggest A Business/Group/School button on the respective page or reach out to us via our Contact page. Provide us with the name and website of the new entry and we’ll do the rest. We vet each recommendation by hand and will add valid suggestions to the website within 3-5 days.

Q. What criteria do you use for businesses? Can I be listed if I’m just a solo developer?
A. To be listed as a business on our page you must:
1) Have a web presence and contact information for your company.
2) Be actively working on a game or providing game services OR have published a game or contributed to a published game within the last three years.
3) Have some or all of your team physically based in Colorado.

Q. I’m a representative of one of the businesses, schools, or groups listed and I want to provide you updated information, a custom blurb, or a logo for use in my listing.
A. Reach out to us via our Contact page with your full name and any credentials you can provide. (An email address with the same domain as the school or business works best)
– Blurbs must be tweet-length (140 characters). Must not be all caps. Can’t contain images or special characters.
– Images must be 75×75 pixels or larger. PNG or JPG. Square images work best. Transparent backgrounds are not recommended. Provide us the URL of the image.

Q. I would like the events of a group I organize listed among the others on the Event Page.
A. Great! Reach out to us via our Contact page. The website currently supports events fed from Meetup.com and Google Calendars with additional APIs added on an as-needed basis. We do have a few criteria for automatic event listing:
1) Your events must be game industry focused and must cater to creators, not consumers.
2) Your events must be all-welcoming. That is to say, anyone who wishes to attend can attend. Venue-based age restrictions as required by law, such as at bars, are the sole exception.
3) Your group must comply with our Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy. An organizer willing to enforce these policies must be present at all events.

Q. One of the listed schools no-longer offers game-related coursework; one of the listed businesses has closed down; or one of the listed groups is no longer active. How do I remove it from your listing?
A. That’s terribly unfortunate, but it does happen. Reach out to us via our Contact page and let us know as much info about the closure as you can provide. We’ll follow up on the information and remove it from our listing once it’s been confirmed.